Comprehensive Social Skills Services in the Greater Philadelphia Area

A Range of Resources & Training from Main Line Social Learning

At Main Line Social Learning, we understand the value of high-quality social skills training geared specifically toward adults and teens, and we are dedicated to teaching and supporting these skills.

You can choose from a variety of training options, such as:

  • Individual sessions: The primary benefit of individual sessions is the opportunity for highly focused training customized exactly for you. The sessions are designed in such a way that meets you at your level and systematically supports you as you develop skills. Skills that are developed during individual sessions include, but are not limited to, developing conversational skills, listening skills, topic maintenance, perspective taking skills, understanding emotions, self-advocacy skills, and problem solving. Individual sessions can be done in an office setting, or in the community.
  • Parent sessions: These sessions not only offer the chance to provide solid training for the individual, but also assist the parents through clear and valuable instruction regarding the particular needs and skill level of the individual. We can train parents how to effectively encourage a teen or young adult dealing with a variety of social learning challenges.
  • Skype sessions: While face-to-face interactions are ideal, we understand that distance can pose a challenge. If you are interested in our services but do not live nearby, do not be discouraged from seeking help! Our Skype sessions are practical, flexible options that help keep you on track toward your goals.

A Collaborative Approach to Social Success

There are countless social, emotional, and psychological benefits to establishing yourself socially. Whether you have struggled to make friends, succeed in a professional setting, or have trouble communicating in group settings, Main Line Social Learning has the experience, patience, and understanding necessary to assist you. Our office in Paoli provides our helpful training programs to people throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area, Chester County, the Main Line, and the surrounding areas. We welcome you to learn more by calling us today at (610) 609-0330.

Unlock Your Potential

  • We Work With Teens & Adults
  • Local & Online Sessions Available
  • Individualized Services Based Upon Your Needs
  • Collaborative Approach to Addressing Social Learning Challenges

You Can Achieve Social Success

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